Location Based System to Save Lives from Natural Disasters! [LBSSLND]

Location-based services can be broadly defined as any service that provides information pertinent to the
current location of an active mobile handset at a specific window of time, regardless of the underlying
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Highlighting Education Challenges with Suggestions in Third World Countries

Billions of children are not able to attend Schools in third world countries, reasons are many but the main factors include; poverty, lack of resources and rapid rise in population but corrupt governments are making this dilemma even worst.

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Possible Shortest ways of travelling on earth


My ideal tunnel will be just like the Air traffic System, same system under the earth. One day we will have a tunnel which will be used for travelling through out the word by penetrating/bisecting the body of the Earth into different parts and there would be a Under Earth Traffic Control rooms in each and every country.

But, i am afraid it could damage the natural gravitational forces.

No Idea is bogus and every idea is an innovation!

There are different definitions available at internet but I like the simple one “Something new or different introduced”. Actually, it is a process of translating an idea or invention into service that creates value. For more understanding, check wiki.

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