Startups in Giant Companies of the World!

Why big markets Giants are looking for Startups within their established companies? Reasons are many but one of the main reasons is raising another question: Why corporate giants fail to change? Interestingly, these reasons are easily avoidable, if they focus to change the conventional mindset of their resources.

Many large organizations are now looking at how they can generate new growth by launching new adjacent startups or business units. In order to grow financially, large companies need to do a better job of working with their smaller counterparts.

We have gone through a lot of posts at the end of year 2015, regarding successful startups which are the main tempting factor for big companies and they are right at this point, their employees are highly paid with other perks: why they are not innovating those services/products which other individuals are around the globe in tough market situations.

In startups, they have one and only goal making something valuable enough for people who actually use it, they are deep observers and they observe and judge the needs/wishes/joys of end customers and build their products/services according to their requirements. They took big decisions with no time considering Time to Market factor. They are passionate about the work they doing.

On the other hand, big companies are focusing on the growth of something which is already successful, they are not taking risks because expectations are high from their resources so they play safe and their decisions are time taking because it requires a series of approvals.

I will quote here an interesting quote from STACEY FERREIRA:                   “In larger corporations, there are a lot of inefficiencies that make simple tasks and goals hard to accomplish. Typical things like email — usually used to help you accomplish a goal — are often times turned into endless threads of “who is going to finish this project” rather than simply getting it done.”




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