The 4 Most Common Innovation Killers.


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This is the third of a series of three articles about Innovation.

  1. Are You An Innovative Leader?
  2. How To Foster Innovation Structurally.
  3. The 4 Most Common Innovation Killers.

Innovation has become a trending topic. The Big Ideas and Innovation channel on Linkedin has more than eight million followers, and twitters with the hashtag #innovation get sometimes viral in a question of seconds.

Since Steve Jobs transformed our world thru his innovative vision of the future use of computers, converting Apple in one of the most innovative and admired companies in the world, most organizations have realized the need to increase their focus on innovation as a key strategic driver.

Business leaders are talking about innovation more than ever before, and most organizations claim that they are innovative indeed, but the key questions become:

Is your company ready for the innovation challenge? What is your innovation formula and most importantly, does…

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