Location Based System to Save Lives from Natural Disasters! [LBSSLND]

Location-based services can be broadly defined as any service that provides information pertinent to the
current location of an active mobile handset at a specific window of time, regardless of the underlying
delivery technology used to convey its information.

No doubt, Emergencies and disasters have been part of our existence since time began but to save the humanity from such natural calamities, I purpose an international location base system which have connection with every country and it can deliver the real time alerts to individuals any where in the world instead of focusing the business needs, it should focus the precious human lives.

Hundred of organizations do exist in different countries and they used proactive approaches to get information from different resources (Satellite etc.) about these natural calamities and informing people well ahead but in most cases a common man is not able to get that information in time. An international location bases system for saving lives from natural disasters should have offices in every region of the world, ideally in every countries which have got the contact information of the people of that location.

Not talking about smart phones, a cheap mobile phone is considered a necessity even in developing countries and an alert message (text,sound,video) can save his live in case of emergency. Families live in rural areas at-least have one mobile phone for communication purposes.

Developed countries can play a vital role in implementing such system to save the precious human lives in developing countries because it require budget and best usage of existing technology!

[to be continued]


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