Highlighting Education Challenges with Suggestions in Third World Countries

Billions of children are not able to attend Schools in third world countries, reasons are many but the main factors include; poverty, lack of resources and rapid rise in population but corrupt governments are making this dilemma even worst.

“The UNESCO program Education for All, which as part of the Millennium Development Goals aims to provide free, universal access to primary schooling has been successful in dramatically increasing enrollment. But, according to annual Education for All reports, many kids drop out before finishing school. Why don’t they stay? “

Efforts of highlighting this fact and proposing solutions should be appreciated! But I want to talk about those lucky kids who managed to get into schools for some times and still not able to get the right benefits which should be offered to them so that they can get a good use of information/knowledge in their daily life and be productive for the society.

Course Outlines should be designed in such a way, children can get healthy understanding of the main purpose of their education and they knew this very well that where in the society they can fit. I have personal experience of government and private schools in my country and will tell you some common points which do happened in “Third World” countries.

Government owned Schools:

Majority of the countries in “Third World” don’t have Democracy and rulers don’t want to educate the nation, because educated people knew their basic rights and they load their voices to get them. Government owned schools usually don’t have proper number of teachers and a large number of teachers got the job through bribery or other unfair means. Low income and lack of bonuses (incentives) forced the teachers to find other source of income and they can’t focus on teaching.

Private Schools:

Majority of the private schools are “Shops”, this is one of the best business in “Third World” countries where upper class & lower class do exist and they are selling some quality education. They usually claim that they are following foreign university/college syllabus and your children will have quality education. Politicians, Business tycoons and other rich individuals usually have their Stakes in this industry and they become the barrier when someone stood against this type of education.


  • Government should allocate enough funds in Education Sector to improve the quality of education.
  • Course Outlines/Syllabus should be same for all government & Private schools, so that a member of a poor can take his family out of this poverty level after getting some quality education.
  • Special focus should be given to girls because educated mothers can groom/teach a whole family easily.
  • Necessary steps should be taken to get rid of Corruption so that qualified teachers get the job and improve the quality of education.
  • Well salary packages & bonuses (incentives) should be in place for teachers to improve the quality of education and proper checks should be in place as well to get rid of corruption.
  • Computer labs and internet should be easily accessible in each & every school.

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