No Idea is bogus and every idea is an innovation!

There are different definitions available at internet but I like the simple one “Something new or different introduced”. Actually, it is a process of translating an idea or invention into service that creates value. For more understanding, check wiki.


Recently, I have asked to share the ideas to boost our organization’s business. I have shared few ideas, got appreciations and I have learnt new things and face some challenges. Here, I will share my findings and experience especially the challenges the idea initiator faces.

Innovative Minds:

You are well known of the discussion which is often carried out upon the idea initiator mind; either it comes from an experienced mind or it’s just a blessing and intellectual minds only present the mind blowing ideas. I will not add any further stuff in favour of these theories instead;  What should be done with ideas and their initiators. Most of the new ideas (solutions) come in mind after facing a problem and different ideas pops in different minds, because no two minds are same (experience, knowledge, school of thoughts etc.), but in few cases some minds innovate (service oriented ideas) and present their ideas which are not accepted by the audience and instead of appreciating the idea they negate it.

Challenges faced by Initiators:

Every idea has some background, positive thoughts; you have to think positively to dig out the treasure in-depth (the exact meaning and purpose of the idea).Mostly, we can digest the new ideas quickly but some ideas are very strange for majority of the audience and they need more time to think and need more guidance/help to understand but in some odd cases audience never accept your idea until unless they see some facts & figures.


If you get to know a new idea from someone, don’t think negative about that if you can’t understand it, be patient and make your mind to think in a positive mode, try to add some good thing in it and try to make it more productive.Appreciate the idea and ask the different questions from initiator, this will help him to think in different angles and can lead to add up the missing things in it.Seeing is believing is totally wrong in innovation because before implanting any new idea, someone has to think out of box and believe in to successfully implement the idea. In real world, we have hundreds of such examples, where Idea initiator was disappointed after discussing it with people and after implementing the idea, people start praising his idea!

Don’t be panic or disappointed upon the views of your audience, they don’t have that much knowledge, experience and they are not in that state of mind which you are in that specific time.

Try to share your ideas, thoughts with those people who at least appreciate your views and not negate the idea but try to improve it and discuss with you the implementation options.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, I want my  audience to share new ideas and have a friendly discussion here!


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